Shades Of Color: Ten Reasons Why “Moonlight” Is The Best American Film Of 2016

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The 89th Academy Awards will be severely tainted in February by recent political events which will unfairly push attention away from some very deserving films.  The awards show has long ago since turned itself into a soapbox for political speak instead of focusing on the very reason for its creation; cinema art.  If the show would spend half the time devoting itself to cinema history and the very films it has nominated, as opposed to the nudge nudge wink wink of sociopolitical commentary, maybe more people would tune in.

The American independent film scene in 2016 rose to great prominence and promise judging from the releases.  The standouts include Kenneth Lonergan’s “Manchester By The Sea”, Damien Chazelle’s “La La Land”, Kirsten Johnson’s “Cameraperson”, Matt Ross’ “Captain Fantastic”, The Daniel’s “Swiss Army Man”, Robert Egger’s “The Witch”, David MacKenzie’s “Hell Or High Water” and the one film that has stood out…

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